Why FactCheck

Fact Check (Pvt) Ltd (FactCheck) is a company incorporated in Sri Lanka with the sole objective of providing Fact Checking Services to those who wish to have an authoritative confirmation of various claims, statements or allegations made by any person.

In doing so, FactCheck will use its resources and expertise to undertake research, and thereafter provide a certification as to whether or not a given claim, statement or allegation is factual or otherwise. In support of the certification, our company would also provide a list of research/verification sources as well as an explanation of assessment/analysis or logic, which assisted the FactCheckto arrive at the given conclusion.

FactCheck would maintains a library of all certifications provided, and access could be given to such library to our regular list of subscribers.

The work and technical operations of our company would be essentially driven via the internet, where applications to check claims, statements or allegations could be generated through this special FactCheck website. Payments of the services well as reports would be channeled via the internet.