Motto of the Royal College is pronounced as ඩිස්කේ අමුට ඩිස්කේ ඩිස්කඩි – False and Incorrect”

10th July 2017 FactCheck Sri Lanka.

“Motto of the Royal College ‘Disce Aut Descede’ is pronounced as ඩිස්කේ අමුට ඩිස්කේ ඩිස්කඩි”


www.hondamagossp.com on 8th July 2017 stated in their website that Royal College motto of Disce Aut Descede pronounced by the Minister Jayasiri Jayaseka to be “ඩිස්කේ අමුට ඩිස්කේ ඩිස්කඩි”

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The Royal College, Colombo in Sri Lanka also uses the motto. The author and the date that the motto was adopted by the Royal are unknown. The first mention of the motto was during the tenure of Principal Todd (1871–1878) who constantly reminded dullards that they must learn or go. Since then the motto is associated with the school’s high educational standard.

It is also the motto of Gosfield Independent School in Essex, England, and the variation “Aut Disce, Aut Discede” (“Either Learn or Leave”) is the motto of Hutton Grammar School in Preston, Lancashire. It was also for many years the motto of Middlesbrough High School.

“Disce aut Discede” is also the motto of Cornwall College in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The coat of arms of the University of Manchester Surgical Society contains the motto “disce aut discede”.

An old painting at Winchester College contains an expanded version in the form of a hexameter: “Aut disce, aut discede; manet sors tertia, caedi” (“Either learn or leave: there remains a third fate, being beaten”, or more vulgarly “learn, leave or be licked”.) “Aut discede” is surmounted by a bishop’s mitre; “aut discede” by a sword and an inkpot, to denote secular professions; the last part of the verse by a rod.

Video of the School song of Royal College Sri Lanka which include the ‘Desce aut Discede’ sung by the students of the school.

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