“Over 139 Acres in Kalpitiya to be vested with the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority for the Tourism development activities and facilities” – Rating: ‘True and Correct’

As of 24th May 2017, FactCheck Sri Lanka


Press Briefing concluded by the the Cabinet of Sri Lanka’s Government; which notes that in order to achieve the targeted tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka by the year 2020 and develop Sri Lanka as a regional level tourism destination while improving the infrastructure facilities, a proposal had made by the Minister of National Policies and Economic Affairs, had received the approval from the Government Cabinet to vest 05 plots of lands with a land capacity of 56.35 hectares (or over 139 acres) situated in the Divisional Secretariat Division of Kalpitiya with the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority for the development of activities and facilities.

The briefing further noted that Kalpitiya area which is endowed with a unique eco-system and a striking sea frontage with diversity marine resources with multiple tourists attractions has become popular among domestic as well as foreign tourists and the area has a vast potential for tourism development whilst the hotels and other tourism facilities available in the area is inadequate to fulfill the desires of high end tourists.


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