“Nearly Half a Million or 476,000 Sri Lankans lost jobs from December 2014- December 2016” – Rating: ‘True and Correct’

9th May 2017, FactCheck Sri Lanka.


Central Bank Annual Report Employment Data which indicates massive loss of employment since the end of 2014 to the end of 2016.


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The Central Bank Annual Report 2015 stated at page 125 that:

The “number employed” at end 2014 was 8,424,000,

The Central Bank Annual Report 2015 further states that the “number employed” increased to 8,554,000 by end 2015. The breakdown of such employment figures were set out in Table 4.10 at page 126.

However, in the Central Bank Annual Report 2016, it has been reported at page 136 that the “number employed” as at end 2015 was only 7,831,000. (i.e., 723,000 less than the figure reported as the “number employed” in the 2015 Report)!

The latest Central Bank Annual Report 2016 states that:

The “number employed” at end 2016 was 7,948,000. At the same time, the same Report claims that an “increase” of 1.5% has taken place during the year 2016. The breakdown of these figures are set out is Table 4.9 at page 137.

Notwithstanding such attempts, what is clear is that:

From end 2014 to end 2016, the “number employed” has dropped drastically from 8,424,000 to 7,948,000.

That is a decrease of 476,000 persons in the “number employed”, or nearly half a million persons in just 2 years!

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